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Building Wealth: The Foundation

Building Wealth: The Foundation 


 I want to do a little vision casting for everyone who isn’t at a point in their finances where building wealth seems possible.  For some of us, the concept of building wealth is such a distant thought that it doesn’t even feel like it is possible for it to be a part of your story. You feel like wealth is for other people. 

The paycheck to paycheck grind is just where you will live your life and no matter how hard you work, you can’t imagine a way out. 

If you are here, I want to encourage you to be mentally tough, to make the sacrifices, and to continue to grind, because the choices you are making now, and the effort you are putting in today, is the starting point for your wealth-building journey.

  You will look back and appreciate the grit you showed as you use your wealth to impact those around you who are in these early stages.


 Another reason I want to discuss building wealth is to answer some common questions like, "Is it even biblical to acquire wealth?".  Jesus has so much to say about money but I think sometimes the message being pushed out by the Big “C” church has gone a little overboard, making it feel like being poor is noble, and being rich is evil. 


Why is the subtle or not-so-subtle narrative that if you are successful financially then that obviously means you put your focus on the wrong thing and climbed some kind of ladder and you most likely made climbing that ladder your idol?  I don’t think churches necessarily preach the, sell everything and move to Africa narrative, but it’s definitely against living this American dream of chasing fame and fortune.  Fair enough.


However,  I honestly wonder if the church has impacted the potential of its kingdom with this narrative.  When people reach some kind of success, the way America has defined it, does that mean that they’ve idolized something other than God?  Or is there a way to build an empire and keep God at the center of it?  

Money is a tool.  It is neither good or evil by itself.  So having a lot of it or a little of it doesn’t really matter, it is the heart in how you use those resources that can be for good or for evil.  It’s simply a tool. 

Dave Ramsey says that wealth just magnifies who you are already.  If you are selfish and undisciplined, wealth will reveal that on a larger scale.  


Take the story of the rich man who came to Jesus wanting to follow him (Matthew 19:16-30).  Jesus knew in his heart that his wealth had consumed him, that it was an obstacle and that having this wealth would ultimately keep him from focusing on the kingdom and truly experiencing God’s love so He asked him to sell all of his possessions and follow Him.  This doesn’t have to be the story for anyone who has wealth. 

A healthy perspective and mindset around wealth can change the outcome.


If you are generous and kind then wealth will reveal that on a larger scale.  I just wonder what the impact could be if more Christ Followers stepped into their God-given potential and created or worked for His Glory. Then, in turn, God blessed them greatly so that they could continue to be a blessing to others.  I think we need more good, generous, and integrity-filled people who aren’t afraid to accumulate wealth to use it for the Kingdom.  This is something that I’m just working through recently.


I will say that when I started working on this business, I had only told about 5 people about it and had been working on it for over a year.  There were some reasons that I was scared to start.   

One of the reasons I felt scared to start was because I was scared that I would be successful.  I know that sounds dumb,  but I’m so serious.  I had such a fire in my heart to just create a huge platform to love on and speak life into moms.  Once this idea was put into my heart I really felt, for the first time in my life, like this is where my passion and talents came to a head.  I felt like this is where I step into the call Jesus had on my life and I had an opportunity to make a big impact.  


I had dreams, that I never said aloud, I wanted to make millions of dollars so that in some way I could be a world-changer through generosity.  I’m not just being noble or exaggerating by saying I want to make millions so I can give it all away.  That is literally my heart.  I have such a deep passion for this. If you ever want to have a conversation on missions, I’m your girl.  That is what fills me up.  


I have dreams of speaking on stages in front of thousands, not for fame but to hopefully have moms hear exactly what they need to hear at that moment.  


I have dreams of generational change being made through this business and for a ripple effect to start with me and let God use me as a platform to change lives.  


However, I literally sat on this for a year thinking, well if I became successful people would judge me. They would think I was just chasing attention and publicity.  I felt like they would think I was giving up time with my family and kids to chase a dream God so clearly put on my heart.  


I really struggled with all of this until I realized,  we gotta stop playing small.  


When I say play small, I just mean we need to stop stunting our potential. 

 If you know you are just meant to be a mom - then girl - step into being the best mom you can be.  Lean into teaching your kids all the things, become the best version of yourself so your kids see what a healthy adult looks like, invest in your relationships so they can see what healthy relationships look like.  


If you are called to be a teacher.  Stop feeling guilty that you are leaving your kids.  Miss them sure - we all do. I know teachers who say, “I’m just a better working mom “ This could also be spoken by a nurse, financial planner, zookeeper, etc.


If you are someone who LOVES their children with all of their heart but just feels like the career you are in is where you are meant to be teaching and giving and loving on people, then go for it!  Find a good place where your kids are being poured into and do the dang thing.  


Are you a mama that wants to start a business or be a part of a business?  Girl, go for it.  


We Need Clarity

 Clarity is so hard.  When everyone around you is telling you to do 1500 different things:

    • You should be the one home to raise your kids.
    • You should work so you can contribute to the household.
    • You should take off time when the kids are little.
    • You should work while they are little so you can stay on track for retirement.

Oh and what about:

    • You don’t have the time to follow your dreams.
    • Opinions about whether to vaccinate or not vaccinate, home-school, public school, or private school, let them watch tv and play games so they are tech-savvy - they will need that in this technological world.  But don’t let them watch too much because it fries their brain.
    • Put sunscreen on so they don’t get skin cancer….wait sunscreen gives them cancer.

The list could go on and on….


Just breathe. 


 This is why it’s so important to just step away and think for two seconds without all the noise. 

  • Who are you?
  • Who are you, mama?
  • Who did God make you to be?
    • Did he make you light up as a stay at home mom even though it's HARD?
    • Did he make you light up being a teacher and teaching the next generations?
    • Did he make you business-minded and you want to create something good from the ground up?

Who are you? 

No matter what you choose to do, you are going to have to sacrifice something in some way shape, or form.  


Whatever you decide to do, whether it leads you on a path of less money or more money let me remind you of this:  It's much easier in America, especially to earn a lot of money than it is to accumulate wealth and there is a big difference between the two even though they both sound like the same thing.


Just because you don’t make millions doesn’t mean you can’t build wealth.  Like I said in the Honesty in your Finances, I would encourage you to go check it out because I mentioned having a margin in your finances is a prerequisite to building wealth. 

Also, if you want to build wealth, stop consuming so much.  Wealthy people are wealthy because they don’t spend every dime they have.  They invest and have money working for them.  I mean if we spend a dollar today, it is worth a dollar no more and no less, but if we save that dollar and have it be worth 50 in 30 years…..(or whatever) then the patience and discipline are where the wealth generation starts. 

When we can switch from throwing away money into leases (probably the worst possible financial decision you can make), car payments, high-end items to keep up with the Joneses, and even McDonald's all the time then you can use those dollars to save or invest in something that puts your money to work for you.  

This is a concept that is difficult to grasp when you are in the grind of just trying to make it to the next month.  


You may be asking,  “Stephanie, how and when does wealth become a financial goal and not just a pie in the sky aspiration to achieve “one day”?”

Girl, great question and I got you covered. Head over to Building Wealth: Part 1.


About the author, Stephanie

My name is Stephanie and I am a mom of 4 boys (ages 8, 6, 5, 2 + one on the way). My husband, Justin, and I met when I was 16 years old and have been together for 16 years now. We are also foster parents so we welcome the chaos! I have been a Special Education teacher for 7 years and still love to teach but I have chosen to pivot and focus on raising my boys and pouring my heart into this business now!

I'm so honored you are here and I promise to serve you by being prepared and present during this process together of learning to leave the legacy we want to leave through our motherhood.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." -Galatians 6:9

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