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Setting the Stage: Legacy through Motherhood

Welcome to Legacy through Motherhood, sweet friend!


I’m Stephanie Sims - and I am so excited that you are here. I am a mom of 4 boys ages, 7, 5, 3, and 1 so I am really looking forward to just sitting down and have some awesome conversations surrounding motherhood.  If you’re at all like me - you really do enjoy motherhood but the constant unknown, the exactly 4 million decisions you make daily and the pressure to enjoy every moment is a little overwhelming and seriously...second guessing yourself all day is kind of exhausting. 


But on the flip side we want our kids to be prepared for adulthood. My mindset in mothering is that I’m raising adults. I’m raising boys who will turn into men and become husbands and fathers. They will have the responsibility of finances and stewarding them well. They will have a wife to love, passions to follow, their health to prioritize….so - I’m their mom.  It’s my responsibility to at least set them up not to fail miserably. Some of us are doing great in some areas, and not so great in other areas. Maybe your marriage is great but you guys are struggling with finances. Or maybe your health routine is really serving you but your marriage is on the rocks. Maybe it’s all good right now - or maybe its all crap right now and you are drowning.  We will be talking more on the next episode - which is kind of a ‘what to expect’ episode about this- but during this next year we will begin to take the next best step in 5 different areas including our mindset, finances, faith, health, and marriage. But for now, lets jump into the why and my heart behind this podcast.


Success Magazine says this about legacy,

"Leaving a great legacy is arguably the most powerful thing you can do in your career [and life - (I added)] because it enables you to have influence well into the future – even after you are out of the picture yourself. -Success Magazine


It’s been said that, “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.” So why do we as mothers, feel like ruling the world couldn’t be farther from reality in our everyday life? How can we work so tirelessly, either in the home or out of the home and still come away most days feeling like we have nothing to show for it.  The endless pile of laundry and bills, the messy house, the chicken nuggets for dinner…again, and no energy left for your husband when he walks through the door, seem to be a constant reminder that you aren’t enough… queue mom guilt.


Social media has created this lie, you guys know this” that you should have a spotless house with beautiful décor, kids who are always matching and clean…  it’s painted this picture of perfection that is not only unattainable but unrealistic leaving us moms feeling like we are mediocre at best. We know deep down that we don’t have to be all of those things at once (the perfectly clean house, matching kids, home-cooked organic meals,) – but if we are being honest we wish we could.  Then there is the flip side where I’ve seen women post the picture of their child and caption (excuse the disaster of a kitchen behind him or her) And it’s literally a perfectly clean kitchen with a coffee cup on the counter and a sippy cup on the floor and then hashtagging #hotmessmom.  Then there is guilt like if THAT is their dirty house...good lord I’m in trouble.

I have 4 kids.  I have a full life that I balance.  I am an extrovert and I have a pretty high capacity to do a lot of things at once.  I had a friend though who text me once after she had her second nad she just said, Steph, I need help.  How do you do it? I only have 2 kids and I am barely surviving. Do you have any tips to just keeping your house from being in chaos?  I feel like the 2 times I’ve been to your house it’s been spotless. I read that text and looked up to my disaster (like actual disaster) like almost would be embarrased if my own  mother would come over disaster and snapped a picture. This picture showed my kitchen and my living room. I sent that picture so fast and before I ever replied to her question. She had come over twice and BOTH times happened to be the day my house cleaner came (which I had for about a 3 month period because I was overwhelmed with deep cleaning.) My response to her was just first of all...this is my reality.  This is my house if you would stop over right at this moment and/or most moment. So I’m gonna go ahead and knock myself off that pedastal and hopefully make you feel better all at the same time. Now, there are strategies I have learned to keep my house clean or manageable. My house gets messy but it can also get put back together fairly quickly. Over the past 2 years I have been on a journey of minimalizing our life. You can’t organize clutter and your kids can’t think and play with a crazy amount of excess.  But more on that later. But the number one thing we all need to do is get rid of probably 50% of the crap that’s in our space so we can think and so we aren’t consumed by cleaning.


We have a unique challenge raising children in 2019 that no other mother has had to naviagate.  there was no avenue to see others back when our parents were raising us. If they saw someones living room it was because they went to someones house and saw it.  If they had a concern about something they didn’t have WEB MD or all the 1 million opinions on the internet. They had their mom, their friend and their doctor to tell them their opinion.  If we are being honest we are probably seeing more of pictures of peoples living rooms and their children than actual living rooms and actual children. But Here’s the thing girl, you are exactly who your kids need.  You are uniquely qualified to parent these kids. Which means you have what it takes.  And as moms, we are all on the same journey with similar challenges, strongholds, and dreams for our families. 



The Legacy through Motherhood podcast has a basic mission of generational change.  We will be having conversations that center around 5 main topics: Faith, Finances, Health, Mindset and Marriage.  Some of us are fortunate enough to have exemplary role models in one or more of these areas, while others are not. 


When it comes to these topics, I think we all share the same desire to see our children succeed, especially in areas we struggle with- but how?  How do we teach them to be successful in areas we haven't figured out for ourselves? How do we model, teach, train and equip our children to succeed   when we do not have an accessible role model for marriage, healthy finances or whatever it might be? How do we make the time to intentionally leave the legacy that we want to leave for our children? How do we break strongholds and generational cycles when we still feel the weight and challenges of them? 


This podcast will be full of practical ideas, empowering stories, guest speakers, biblical and scientific proof behind different topics, resource recommendations, and so much more.  Would you join me as we learn how to leave the legacy that we WANT to leave for our children? We WILL do this by challenging ourselves and by ultimately passing our knowledge onto our children.  


Galations 6:9 says: "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."


If all of this  sounds convicting but exhausting to think about all at the same time… then this podcast series is for you.  There is so much power in leaving a legacy. But honestly, We make so many decisions during the day that sometimes, we just want someone else, with our best interest in mind, to tell us exactly what we need to do next. Am I right? To do the research.  For someone just to tell us that we aren’t getting it all wrong and that we’re not messing our kids up. At least for the most part. But let’s be real we all should probably still put some money away for counseling later.  


So Sister, reheat that cold coffee in the microwave and join me as we walk through simple ways to leave the legacy you want to leave in the areas of faith, finances, health, marriage and mindset. 


And girl, don’t forget as you go into this day, whatever goal you are pursuing or whatever area you are struggling with - you are already enough.


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Talk to ya soon,


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About the author, Stephanie

My name is Stephanie and I am a mom of 4 boys (ages 8, 6, 5, 2 + one on the way). My husband, Justin, and I met when I was 16 years old and have been together for 16 years now. We are also foster parents so we welcome the chaos! I have been a Special Education teacher for 7 years and still love to teach but I have chosen to pivot and focus on raising my boys and pouring my heart into this business now!

I'm so honored you are here and I promise to serve you by being prepared and present during this process together of learning to leave the legacy we want to leave through our motherhood.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." -Galatians 6:9

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