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What other listeners are saying:

"Stephanie is as real as it gets! Listening to her podcast is like sitting down over coffee with a friend and asking all of life's great questions.  The best part is her answers are going to be both researched and field tested.  With 4 young boys and any number of foster children in her care, most would expect her to be in constant survival mode.  Instead, she is thriving.  I can't wait to learn from her every Monday." -Jessica

"This podcast is everything I've needed as a mother.  Raw, honest, gritty conversations about what it really means to be intentional about parenting.  Listening reminds me of a time in college I sat on the floor of my dorm with a friend planning out what needed to come next in life.  This podcast is that intimate conversation on the motherhood level.  I love this so much!! <3" - Amanda

"This episode is like a breath of fresh air for me this morning.  As a stay at home mom of 9 years, I have to admit that my motivations and sense of purpose have grown a bit stale. And I definitely struggle with putting my identity in how well my house runs.  Just hearing your plans for this podcast has me excited, I can't wait to hear more from you and grow along with you!!"

"Podcast listeners, Stephanie is the voice we need to hear in "Mommying" right now.  I listened on the drive in to work the other day.  She makes you feel like she is listening even though she is doing the talking."  -Anne

"The podcast is bringing up topics and questions that I am constantly asking myself as I parent and mother.  I am at a point where I don't get the chance to read parenting books so it's incredibly helpful to hear things talked out in a real and totally relatable way - in a way that feels attainable and not overwhelming.  I am looking forward to hearing Stephanie hit on all five topics (faith, finances, health, marriage and mindset) of the podcast!"

"Legacy through Motherhood is for every  mamma/ not mamma/ soon to be mamma / foster mamma / adopted mamma.  She covers all bases.  I have so many questions about parenting, being patient, handling finances, etc.  This podcast does all the thinking and explaining and motivating FOR YOU. How awesome is that?  Stephanie is a true podcaster that I have listened to and I can relate to on a personal level.  It's like listening to a friend talk.  Which makes it not boring.  Plus her personality is so funny!  Give her a try, you will NOT be disappointed!  Can't wait to listen to my next episode so I can learn how to leave a legacy through motherhood. <3" - Morgan

"Stephanie is the real deal!  She doesn't shy away from the hard topics or raw moments of life we all experience.  I appreciate the way she lives and shares things from the place of pressing into Jesus and His wisdom in all things.  I love that I get to stay connected through this podcast and hear the real experience of another mom on this journey who's gone before me!" - Kinsey

"Super motivational and inspiring while also being extremely down to earth and real.  Stephanie's big heart for moms of all kinds is so evident through her words and her intentionality behind this podcast.  I love her honesty and grace in all of these topics.  I'm excited to follow along!"

"Thank you so much for this much needed podcast.  Stephanie is the calming voice and support system I have been looking for in my life.  Faith, family, finances along with practical advice...I love it. I need it.  She is a breath of fresh air.  We are all #hotmessmoms and she reminds us it's ok.  Mommying is hard, but together we can do hard things.  I can't wait to listen to more. The questions she is going to tackle are ALL ones I have asked myself, at least once.  Weaving God's love for us throughout this podcast is the icing on her already amazing cake." -Anne

"I listened to the first episode and it felt like she wrote this for the current season of motherhood/life that I'm going through.  Being an emotional sap that I am, I was left in tears.  I can't wait to listen to more!!" 

"After half way through the first episode, my heart was pounding with excitement for MORE and tears were streaming down my face -- All the emotions were happening.  I have been looking for something like this to fill MY cup for a long time and it is finally here. This podcast will make you want to grow more individually so you can leave a legacy for your beers!!! So looking forward to the next episodes.  I love how I can connect and relate as if Steph knows just what my heart needs to hear.  Thank you!" -Alyssa

"Stephanie has such a great perspective and is truly tapping into parenting in this unique generation.  You can feel her expertise as an educator who specializes in modification to meet her kids developmental level, in the way she breaks down simple and complex issues in a way that is relevant for any mom in any situation.  She is authentic and humble, coming from a place of genuine desire to build a community for mothers to learn from one another, and I love that she doesn't pretend to have it all together.  I can't wait to be on this journey with her each week to have her cover me in grace as I stumble through trying to find my grit.  Also, I want a T-shirt with that catch phrase on it!"

"Not only is Stephanie a wonderful friend and role model, she's always been someone I strive to be more like since the day I met her.  She's so real and down to earth and just purely encouraging no matter what your situation.  This podcast is absolutely incredible and I can't wait to learn all the things and be encouraged by this dear friend, especially through this time of becoming a first time mama to my little guy. <3" -Tayler

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