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A few words from a Legacy through Motherhood Podcast listener

(i.e. Results from my free financial material.)

“When I first connected with Stephanie I financially and mentally was not in a good place.

I was a few months pregnant with my third child, a stay at home mom who closed my eyes when I clicked the “pay” button on websites. I honestly did not think that it was possible to be debt-free with being a stay at home mom living off one income.

Then I started to listen each week to “The Legacy Through Motherhood Podcast”. Every Monday morning I got this glimmer of hope and a positive mindset shift for me. A shift in the way I looked at money and motherhood. When I listened to these episodes it was like a friend was talking to me, then slowly I began chatting with Stephanie.

Stephanie created a community that was welcoming and non-judgemental. So I leaned into this community. Watching videos of how both Stephanie and her mother were debt-free and how they got there.

I started with a monthly budget and here I am nine months later a much more frugal mama!

I have paid off all of my credit card debt, and in a few weeks, I’m moving into a new home that gives me a big chunk of money in savings I never thought possible (before this I never had more than a few grand in savings) and a smaller monthly mortgage and will have a smaller monthly mortgage- bigger home & much lower interest rate for my new home!

Stephanie helped me see the possibility of a debt-free life and I am SO grateful! Now I will be able to live more comfortably with credit cards & car payments being a thing of my past.

Thank you, Steph for giving me hope in a dark part of my life. If you have an opportunity to take a money mindset class with Stephanie Sims, don’t think twice! “

-Michaela Colón