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Hey Mama

I help moms with all things money.

Your mental load is heavy enough without the added weight of messy finances.

Finances can be intimidating and overwhelming.
I'm here to make sure that isn't the case for you.
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I'm Stephanie.
I am a mama of 5, a wife of 11+ years, a podcaster and your financial BFF.

Here’s the long and short of it.  I’m fairly obsessed with driving generational change [for my family and yours].  

My podcast is called Legacy through Motherhood and it’s focused on 6 main topics:  Mindset, Marriage, Finances, Faith, Health and Parenting.  

The idea is for us all to focus on becoming just 1% better every day in one of those areas.  I believe that the small, seemingly insignificant, choices we make each day is how we create the legacy we actually want to leave as mothers.


Money problems can literally suck the life right out of your motherhood. I've been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt. But I promise, it doesn't have to be that way.

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Option One: I'm Curious About Learning More
Casual Money Conversations/Coaching

Looking to just binge listen in on some money conversations before you make a commitment to change anything?  

Check out my FREE resources + podcast directory for financial epiodes. 

Option Two: I'm Ready for Change
Relationship with Money Coaching

Looking to completely revamp your relationship with money because it kinda…sucks? 🙂 I get it.

Check out my signature course and let me coach you through 25 lessons.

Option Three: Ready for a Total Financial Reboot
90 Day 1:1 Financial Coaching

Looking for someone to tell you exactly what to do in your exact season and financial situation?

Check out my elite one-on-one 90 day money coaching service.  

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